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XPark makes sure you get the most out of your parking spaces. We do that in part with our partners in parking. XParks links with popular parking apps to make parking easy and accesible. You keep control and a share of the revenue.

With Yellowbrick you park super fast using your mobile phone. Yellowbrick was conceived and developed by parent company Waysis and has been around since 2006. Since 2013, "bricking" has been possible in Belgium and since 2016 in Germany.


Vicky is a parking app that utilizes unused spaces of hotels, restaurants and other buildings. This way every inch of the city's parking space is used for care-free parking.

ParkBee wants to give space back to the city. This can be done by making better use of available off-street capacity. By making smart use of data and technology, they direct parkers to unused parking locations near offices, hotels and public parking garages.

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Mobypark makes parking easier and smarter by offering pirivate parking spcaes from companies and individuels in various locations across Europe. 

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