XPark parking system

The most complete solution for your parking lot

XPark: unburdening

The Unburdening parking system

XPark takes care of parking on your premises with a user-friendly web application and smart hardware. In addition, we offer a service highly valued by customers.


  • User-friendly
  • Clear and easy to use dashboard
  • Easily manage parking rights
  • Insight into activity


  • License plate camares
  • Intercom touchscreen
  • Access gates (e.g. barriers)


  • Dutch service department
  • 24/7 support
  • Monthly updates
  • Preventive maintenance
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XPark makes parking management easy

As an administrator, you will no longer have to fiddle around in a slow and complicated system, instead you will find your way around in our user-friendly web application quickly and easily. 

XPark runs on your desktop, tablet or your smartphone. Making it easy to use anywhere, anytime.

...and parking too, ofcourse!

Parkers with parking privileges are welcomed personally at the gate (on the intercom) and don't have to do anything except to enter and exit. Without passes, drops or tickets. Hospitality could hardly be more convenient!

XPark: parking solution

Solve parking problems with XPark

With the XPark web application, you no longer have to worry about parking management. As long as there is still space, vehicles with a parking right are automatically and hospitably let in. You no longer need signs, because XPark keeps track of exactly how many spaces are still available.

No more space? XPark kindly indicates this. Preventing overcrowded lots and angry parkers.

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XPark: user-friendly

With XPark anyone can do parking management

XPark is so user-friendly that anyone can take on parking management. Anytime, anywhere, thanks to the cloud-software. So you could also leave this to the tenants themselves. Using a desktop, tablet or smartphone, you can easily set up parking rights that determine who has access to your parking location. And if something changes? Look it up and adjust it in no time.

XPark: Exploitation

Utilizing excess capacity on your parking site

Noticing that you often have a lot of empty space? With XPark you can get extra income from your parking lot. Make parking spaces available to seeking parkers who are happy to pay for a spot. This way, you can earn XPark back in no time!

XPark arranges this for you without bothering your primary parkers (employees or residents). After all, XPark in the No. 1 spot distributor. 

XPark works closely with well-known reservation applications such as ParkBee, Vicky and Mobypark. This way, your parking lot is brought to the attention of a huge audience and your excess capacity is quickly and safely utilized. From empty spaces, to a full wallet!


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