from product to business

The XPark product was created in 2017 as a smart parking solution from our current sister company Brickyard. As a provider of enforcement solutions, Brickyard has always been very knowledgeable about license plate cameras, parking and smart software. So it was not surprising that they decided to use this knowledge to create a smart hospitality based product. In 2017, "OfficePark" saw the light of day and the parking product for bussiness premises was born.

Starting in the summer of 2021, we embarked on an exciting journey as an independent company with a dedicated XPark team. We have been given the opportunity to fully focus on growing an innovative parking solution into THE hospitality solution that can no longer be ignored as a parking venue owner.

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XPark, is a brand of Waysis

Xpark is part of the Waysis Group, a leader in parking from systems to enforcement for nearly a 100 years.
You already know Waysis From:


Yellowbrick is the most popular parking app in the Netherlands, which allows smart and easy parking on the street, in garages and at Schiphol Airport.


TMC is the Dutch market leader in (car) mobility solutions, with a focus on pre-paid on-street parking.


Brickyard provides mobility solutions for enforcement policy, targeted steering and livability in our cities.

Working at XPark

We tie our knowledge, insights and experience togheter to form the ultimate knowledge partner.
With flexible, connecting and innovative, but always sound solutions, we take our clients to the next level